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American indian Movie – Blue

Aarav is actually a rich man in Bahamas, who has a reef fishing organization. Sagar is a diver involving his business, and also the really good friend. Sagar is not in so good economic situation, Aaarav asks him or her to go to the strong marine, to find often the shed treasure in this ship ‘lady in blue’, which sank in the particular 12 months 1949, yet Sagar rejects and claims they have just a lie, no treasure out there from all.
Sagar loves their girlfriend Borrachera very significantly, who else has a desire building a marine start, but he doesn’t have money for this. They a pair of love each and every some other, together with are missing Sagar’s buddy, Sam, who’s kept property before couple of years.
Sam is in Bangkok, who’s a great engine cycle rider, he racing competitions in illegal method and even earns money from that, regarding his living. Some day a good lady named Nikki occurs to him, asks him to race with Gulshan, Mike wins and provides the money as prize. After that Gulshan offers him some sort of job, through which this individual could very well earn 50, 1000 CHF. Sam falls throughout love with Nikki, in addition to takes the offer. Is actually a bag, which in turn he’s supposed to deliver to many place within half time. Sam takes the tote and rides his motor cycle, but Gulshan calls factory workers to abide by his tandem.
Coz of the factory workers, Mike loses the handbag. Gulshan calls him way up together with asks him to help return this bag, and alerts in the event he could not return the particular bag, or perhaps gives him 50 , 000, 000 USD, in any other case he will kill Sam. Nikki shows Sam to go somewhere else, so that Gulshan didn’t have the ability to find him, therefore Mike goes to Bahamas, his close friend.
Sagar requires Sam for the best golf club in Bahamas, where Aavar sees Kylie Minogue in addition to starts going after her, they equally sing some music, and everyone starts off dancing.
Mike finds a ring inside Sagar’s room, and that is of the lost treasure from ‘lady in blue’, he realizes his brother’s covering something about the sunk ship ‘lady in blue’, nonetheless Sagar says often the ring is the one he or she bought intended for Mona.
Gulshan comes to Bahamas, and even kidnaps Borrachera, wondering Sagar to give him 55 million USD. Again Aavar and Mike ask Sagar to dive and obtain the particular treasure from ‘lady in blue’, then Sagar tells how he delves in to the ship with his / her father quite a few years before, and his father is used up for saving his living.
With no other alternative, a few men dive to be able to find the treasure, and even they succeed then appear, but Gulshan comes for you to the sea and questions them to ski once again, together with couple of his / her men, to get more treasure. Sagar, Aavar and Sam have the ability to kill all often the guys plus come up to Gulshan’s vessel, Gulshan tells them that it will be all plot of Aavar, Sagar becomes angry together with Aavar, Aavar kills Gulshan and rides his motor bike into the sea.
Several days after, Sagar obtains phone call via Aavar, actually the tandem is usually some special tool, which gives him breathable oxygen within the sea, and he is able to to go back to the land.
Aavar will all the plan, just to produce Sagar goes inside the water, to find the resource, since the treasure’s not really found yet, Aavar’s grand daddy, captain of the ship, was sentenced for some penalties, coz they hang up he had stolen all the particular treasure. Aavar wanted in order to find the treasure plus submit to the federal government, to obtain the family’s face. So he or she finds all the particular treasure and submits in order to the government, and as a new reward government offers 20% to him, he / she transmits all to Sagar’s bank account, asks him to open a marine institute for Mona. Nikki furthermore talks Sam on the telephone, actually she actually is Aavar’s better half.
Aarav: Akshay Kumar
Sagar: Sanjay Dutt
Curda: Lara Dutta
Mike: Zayed Khan
Nikki: Katrina Kaif
Gulshan: Rahul Bedi
Kylie Minogue: Kylie Minogue

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